Step 2: Make a Plan

Step 2: Make a Plan

It’s important to plan ahead so that during an emergency you know what to do and how to get in touch with other family members.

Here’s how to create a clear family emergency plan. First, gather your family members (including your pets!) together for a quick family meeting, maybe over a pizza or before watching your favorite movie. Then, talk about the following questions and make a list of your family’s solutions:

  • How would we get in touch with each other? Where would we meet?
  • How would we remain on contact?
  • What would I do if I were at school?
  • What would we do about our pets?

Before you know it you will have a plan in place that everyone in your family can follow. And if an unexpected event does happen you can stay calm; listen to the direction of adults around you, like your teachers or parents and follow your plan.

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