2017 Charter Election FAQ’s

2017 Charter Election
Frequently Asked Questions


Why is the City having an election on changes to the Charter?

The City Council voted to hold a special election on proposed changes to the City Charter after receiving a report from the City’s Charter Review Commission. The purpose of the City Charter Review Commission is to review the Charter of the City of Missouri City (the “Charter”) in accordance with Section 11.13 of the Charter to determine if any changes to the Charter are merited.

On July 18, 2016, the City Council appointed the following five City residents to serve as the 2016 Charter Review Commission (the “Commission”) members: Robin Elackatt, Scott Moseley,Eunice Reiter, Cheryl Sterling, and Joe Workman. The Commission held several meetings, all of which, were open to the public, and reviewed various issues related to the Charter. The Commission met on August 8, 2016, August 22, 2016, September 12, 2016, October 10, 2016, November 14, 2016, and December 12, 2016.

What notice has been provided for this special election on Charter propositions?

The City Council received the Commission’s report, which contained Propositions A (mayor pro tem election), C (city manager authority), F (Finance Department name), and G (October fiscal year), on December 19, 2016. After the Commission submitted its report to the City Council, notice of the Commission’s proposed amendments was published in the Fort Bend Independent on December 28, 2016. The City Council discussed proposed Charter amendments at open City Council meetings on January 3, 2017, July 3, 2017, July 17, 2017, and August 7, 2017. Notice of the special charter election was published in the Fort Bend Independent on October 18, 2017, and October 25, 2017. Notice of the special election is also posted on the City’s website.

What is Proposition A?

Proposition A clarifies that the mayor pro tem of the City Council may be elected at the first regular city council meeting following a general election to elect councilmembers, or, if there is a runoff decided by a special election, after the special election.

What is Proposition B?

Proposition B removes the requirement that the city manager must be bonded at city expense in an amount not less than $25,000.

What is Proposition C?

Proposition C allows the city manager to administratively appoint, suspend and remove City department directors.

What is Proposition D?

Proposition D allows the city manager to administratively establish, combine, discontinue, or combine City departments.

What is Proposition E?

Proposition E changes the words in the Charter to make them consistent with City Council Resolution No. R-16-32, which changed the election date from May to November.

Will the City go back to a May election date if voters decide not to change the election date in the Charter?

No. State law allows a home-rule municipality to change its election date from May to November by resolution no later than December 31, 2016. The City Council of the City of Missouri City did so in 2016. State law also provides that the election date change in a resolution such as the one passed by the City Council in 2016 supersedes a city charter provision that requires a different election date. Therefore, if Proposition E fails, the City will continue to have November elections.

What is Proposition F?

Proposition F changes the name of the city’s finance department from the “Finance Department” to the “Financial Services Department.”

What is Proposition G?

Proposition G changes the City’s fiscal year from July 1 through June 30 to October 1 through September 30.

On what fiscal year cycle are most cities?

It varies. Most of the City’s benchmark cities, including Pearland, Rosenberg, Sugar Land, and League City, are on October 1 through September 30 fiscal year cycles.

When is the election?

Now! Registered voters can vote early by personal appearance from October 23, 2017, through November 3, 2017. Election Day is November 7, 2017 from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

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